5 Reasons to use Portable Wireless Charging at Music Festivals - MiniBatt
26Jun, 2018

5 Reasons to use Portable Wireless Charging at Music Festivals

With summer right around the corner, that means one thing – music festivals! A hotspot for amazing music, good views and great memories, the long days can be tough on your phone’s battery. This year, there is a selection of amazing headline acts in beautiful, rural settings. Getting that perfect Instagram picture is important, so why waste time charging your phone with cables? Here, we give you 5 reasons to use portable wireless charging at music festivals:

1. No cables! Who wants to drag cables around a festival all day? With miniBatt’s wireless, portable charger, you do not have to carry needless tangles of cables – you can charge using only the charger itself.

2. Less clutter! You will be able to fit more in a small bag due to both the size of miniBatt’s wireless charger and the lack of cables needed. You certainly  will not forget your ticket – you will be less concerned with keeping your phone’s battery up, and focused on the music!

miniBatt PowerGOO wireless charger

miniBatt PowerGOO

3. Same efficiency! With miniBatt’s  wireless charging, you will get the same charge as a regular outlet  charger. This means you are charging your phone will be minimal – letting you get the best use of your phone throughout the day.

4. More pictures! Without the need to conserve battery for that taxi home, you will be able to get  some amazing pictures of your festival experience (and probably some bad pictures too).

5. No worries! miniBatt, a leader in wireless charging, you have created  a sleek, portable charger that allows you to snap that picture of the headline set without any worries about your battery, and if you will be able to find an outlet in the campsite. Simple!

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