About us - A pioneer in the development of wireless charging solutions

About Us

What is miniBatt?

miniBatt is a pioneering company in the development of wireless charging solutions and charging batteries. It focuses on vehicles and mobility through portable chargers; on the industrial scope through the implementation of wireless charging in restaurants, offices or hotels, among others; and on electronics consumption with accessories to adapt any device to wireless charging.

miniBatt is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, a cooperative of European, North American and Asian companies with the objective of creating a global standard for Qi technology. This type of induction includes the elimination of all types of cables in devices, for now, up to 12 volts. miniBatt has become a reference in the sector in record time, revolutionizing the hotel and restaurant sector through the first Medium Power wireless battery charger in furniture.


Our goal is for society not just to talk about wireless charging, but to use it each day. We are seeking a social revolution around this phenomenon and want to lead it. Contributing to technological improvements, facilitating people’s day-to-day and well-being, placing top quality products within everyone’s reach.


To be a reference on a global scale for wireless charging services and battery starters. Making the user’s life easier, creating a better technological future, with a quality service for everyone.


  • Innovation: Constant search for innovation and adaptation to new technologies. To offer the latest version of Wireless and Power to our consumers.
  • Quality and design: We always offer the maximum quality and design standard to reach excellence and provide the maximum value to our customers.
  • Perseverance: We are constant and work on executing new improvement projects in order to be able to offer quality to our users.
  • Responsibility to the customer. Guaranteeing our products with an exceptional technical service.
  • Passion: miniBatt is fully committed to the brand and the technology.