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16Apr, 2019

AirPower not? PowerAir from miniBatt yes!

Finally, Apple has canceled the launch of Apple’s AirPower wireless charger. Since its announcement, there have been several delays in its launch.

MiniBatt PowerAir, excellent alternative to Apple’s AirPower

The miniBatt PowerAir is a practical wireless charger that allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. With 4 induction coils, you can load two Qi compatible devices, quickly and safely.

The PowerAir miniBatt charging dock was released in early 2018. It has an elegant design, with a textured white finish. The PowerAir wireless charger is compatible with most smartphones on the market that incorporate Qi technology.

To consult the list of compatible mobiles, click here.

Apple AirPower Cancellation

The cancellation of the launch of Apple’s AirPower, is that the different charge induction coils generated high temperatures.

AirPower is the first product in Apple’s recent history that the company cancels. The iPhone 4 in white, presented in June 2010, came to stores almost a year later than expected and a few months before the departure of its replacement, the iPhone 4s, for problems not foreseen in the manufacturing process.

For more information on the miniBatt PowerAir, you can expand the information here.