Are you ready for the mother day? You should be! - MiniBatt
25Apr, 2018

Are you ready for the mother day? You should be!

Mother’s Day is a special moment to surprise the woman who can do it all, your Mum. Technology has become an ideal gifts that improve your day.

Energy at your fingertips

The cables usually are a nuisance and often we do not know where to find them: in house, the car, the office, etc. miniBatt UltraSLIM is a wireless charging base that recharges your smartphone only with support it. It is very light and elegant, measuring only 3.4mm, which makes it easy to take it everywhere or have it at home as part of the furniture. It also incorporates fast charging, which makes it the most convenient option to have the cell phone with battery throughout the day.

Another option that can make your mother’s life easier is miniBatt PowerPAD, a mouse pad that integrates an INVISIBLE wireless charger. Designed to comfortably charge your mobile phone or any 5V electronic device while you work with your computer.

The most comfortable option to have your smartphone charged all day!