Power Bank

  • POCKET VR. Battery starter 4,000 mAh


    Battery starter Pocket VR + Multifunction charger + LED torch

    The redesign of the smallest mini multi-function battery starter on the market presents a new chassis (rubber texture and miniBatt blue color), new ON/OFF button with an indicator of the battery status, top quality 3-in-1 cables and INTELLIGENT JUMP LEADS!

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  • STR Battery starter 12,000 mAh


    The new miniBatt STR has an elegant design in a black color, and the chassis is finished with a rubber texture. It is compact, portable and thanks to its 12,000 mAh power, it is capable of easily starting 12V batteries for diesel and petrol engines up to 4,000 cc. (cars, motorbikes, boats, jet skis…).

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  • miniBatt PRO VR. Battery starter 20,000 mAh


    miniBatt PRO VR, the strongest mini battery starter on the market, has recently been recognized by the Best of Ariadna as the “Best Accessory of the Year”.

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  • ULTRA-C. Battery starter 6000 mAh

    The new ULTRA-C includes the new NO BATTERY developed with ULTRA-CAPACITORS that permit accumulation of energy and charging of the device in under 45 seconds.
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  • MONSTER. Battery starter 35000 mAh

    The new MONSTER 35000 mAh is a true power monster.
    It avails of 35,000 mAh and is capable of starting engines with batteries of 24V, as well as 12V engines.
    Special for trucks, ships, planes…


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  • Sale!

    miniBatt PRO. Battery starter 15,000 mAh – Offer

    158,99 89,00


    miniBatt PRO, the strongest battery starter on the market, has recently been recognized by the Best of Ariadna 2014, as the “Best Accessory of the Year”.

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  • miniBatt 3-in-1 telephone cables


    The miniBatt 3-in-1 cable has three types of connections, allowing charging of any iPhone 4, 5, 6 or 7.

    It also allows charging of any device with a mini USB input, even a GoPro camera.

    miniBatt 3-in-1 telephone cables

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  • Intelligent jump leads – miniBatt


    miniBatt intelligent jump leads

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  • miniBatt 12V/EC5 direct connection cable

    With this direct positive/negative connection cable you can release the battery once you start.

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