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30Nov, 2017

Dani Sordo beats the competition driving for miniBatt

Xevi Pons (Peugeot) in the GS category and Dani Sordo (GiAND Car) in the GS2 have been the winners of the fourth ranking trial for the Crèdit Andorrà GSeries 2017, the penultimate event of the season for speed on ice.After this trial, the final results have been sent for judgment through a ranking that will be decided upon next Saturday, March 4th.

High temperatures are not the best for a race over ice, although the magnificent work by the track team of the Automòbil Club d’Andorra during the night before the G5 made it possible to have a good base to drive on, although the type of ice and its evolution as the participants used it and the warm day progressed meant that the behavior of the cars was quite different than usual. The final phase of the trial was disputed with the asphalt appearing in some areas but, overall, the day was exciting and unpredictable until the end.

Alex Bercianos

The G5, the penultimate race of the Crèdit Andorrà GSeries, received two sporting novelties of great importance: Joan Nani Roma, a Dakar regular, and the global rally driver Dani Sordo, who was already announced for the G1 but due to the cancellation of that race we hadn’t seen him on the Circuit d’Andorra until this G5. The direction of rotation in the Circuit d’Andorra has been the usual again, therefore the parabolic arc was again one of the areas where the spectacular nature reached its peak.

GS2: Dani Sordo ahead of the competition

The participation of Dani Sordo, the great Spanish star of the WRC, created great expectation and the official Hyundai driver was clearly the best in Sprint 1 and Performance 1, in both sets ahead of Alex Bercianos and Nil Solans, with both alternating behind the dominator. Sordo was again the best in Sprint 2, with his colleague Solans, Bercianos and Roma following, while in Performance 2, Nil Solans broke the Santander-native’s domain by coming first, with Nani Roma in third place.

Dani Sordo

The Finals were to decide. The B race was won by Nil Solans, with Nani Roma close behind and Marcel Besolí in third place. With regards to Final A, we can say that it was a magnificent climax to a day of racing. To achieve a spot on the podium was sufficient so that Sordo could win the race by points, but Bercianos wanted to win the WRC star and he managed to start first.From that moment, an ignited Sordo did his very best, putting the pressure on until the last curve, after which he managed to get ahead of a fantastic Bercianos by a tenth and a half!

Dani Sordo is victorious in a heartstopping final in the G5 from Racing Camera on Vimeo.

Final ranking 4th race of the Crèdit Andorrà GSeries 2017

1-Xevi Pons (Peugeot), 57 points
2-Carlos Ezpeleta (Ford), 52 points
3-José Mª Roger Chalmeta (Citroën), 41 points
3-Jan Solans (Peugeot), 41 points
5-Jaume Jou (Peugeot), 39 points
6-Jordi Gilberga (Peugeot), 38 points
7-Manel Guiral (Peugeot), 36 points
8-José Luis García (Peugeot), 33 points
9-José Mª Roger Ezpeleta (Citroën), 29 points
10-Alex Arroyo (Citroën), 21 points
11-Raúl Romero (Peugeot), 14 points
12-Manel Arroyo (Citroën), 11 points
13-Alex Rins (Peugeot), 7 points
13-Andrea Zappia (Peugeot), 7 points
15-Norman Legault (Peugeot), 6 points
15-Jonathan Legault (Peugeot), 6 points
17-Irois Francini (Peugeot), 5 points

1-Dani Sordo, 59 points
2-Nil Solans, 56 points
3-Nani Roma, 48 points
4-Alex Bercianos, 42 points
5-Gerard de la Casa, 36 points
6-Ricard Gutiérrez, 34 points
7-Miquel Socias, 31 points
7-Marcel Besolí, 31 points
9-Ingrid Rossell, 23 points
10-Martín Arroyo, 19 points
10-Joaquín Rodrigo, 19 points
10-Pedro Font, 19 points

Provisional Crèdit Andorrà GSeries, after 4 trials

1-Carlos Ezpeleta (Ford/MotoGP Team), 194 points
2-Xevi Pons (Peugeot/Andorracing), 178 points
3-José Mª Roger Chalmeta (Citroën/C-Technology Motorsport), 162 points
4-José Mª Roger Ezpeleta (Citroën/C-Technology Motorsport), 113 points
5-Jordi Gilberga (Peugeot/miniBatt-Razor Team), 109 points
6-Alex Arroyo (Citroën/MotoGP Team), 103 points

1-Nil Solans (PCR Sport), 188 points
2-Marcel Besolí (snowdrivingandorra.com), 142 points
3-Gerard de la Casa (Gedith Andorra), 137 points
4-Alex Bercianos (snowdrivingandorra.com), 123 points
5-Ricard Gutièrrez (Rigu Assessors Team), 109 points
6-Ingrid Rossell (Joves Pilots ACA), 108 points

The Crèdit Andorrà GSeries 2017 will end next Saturday, March 4th.

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