Forget about the battery - miniBatt
30Nov, 2017

Forget about the battery

miniBatt introduces the battery chargers with greatest strength and smallest size on the market

A lack of battery has become one of the most widespread concerns of society in recent years.Our whole life is on these devices; agenda, contacts, bank accounts, lists, purchases, etc. and we are not willing to go without them for a single moment in the day. miniBatt will help you so that your day-to-day use of electronic devices is easier.
Another characteristic of current society is immediacy, everything moves so quickly that we need to keep up at all costs.For these reasons, miniBatt develops a charging technology that adapts to our needs and doesn’t let anything stop us, literally, as miniBatt has capacity to start vehicle batteries, even trucks!

It is unique
Design and multi-function, the new miniBatt GOO has a battery with maximum capacity.With two USB outputs and USB 3-in-1 cable, it has the capacity to charge all types of electronic devices: mobile phones, tablets and even the GoPro!


Thanks to its exclusive design and its reduced measurements (smaller than a smartphone), you can comfortably carry it in your jacket pocket, inside your bag on in your suitcase.

With regards to charging, size does matter
miniBatt POCKET has the size of a smartphone and can start petrol engines up to 2,500 cc.Such as motorbikes, cars, quads etc. It has a 12V output to connect the jump leads and USB 5V/2A to charge all types of mobile phones and multiple electronic devices, and includes a 3-in-1 USB cable. It also has an integrated LED torch with three functionalities, light, flash and SOS.

Diesel, petrol and even your laptop
miniBatt ST 12 has an elegant design in a black color, and the chassis is finished with a rubber texture.It is compact, portable and, thanks to its 12,000 mAh power, it is capable of easily starting 12V batteries for diesel and petrol engines up to 3,500 cc. Also, it charges all types of electronic devices and includes a 19.5V output with which you can adapt the connection to your laptop.

The most PRO
miniBatt PRO, the strongest battery starter on the market, has recently been recognized by the Best of Ariadna 2014, as the “Best Accessory of the Year”. Its latest version includes a cutting-edge intelligent jump lead system to avoid possible short circuits, a new connection jack, new top quality 3-in-1 cables and a semi-rigid “anti-shock” bag. It has 15,000 mAh power and is capable of easily starting diesel and petrol engines up to 6,000 cc and charging all types of devices.

A true power monster
The miniBatt MONSTER 24V is a true monster of power. It has 32,000 mAh power and is capable of starting engines with batteries up to 24V. This miniBatt is for professional use, particularly for starting large vehicles such as trucks, ships, planes, agricultural vehicles… both petrol and diesel.

About KPsport
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