Jump Starters - miniBatt

¿Why miniBatt power?

Jump starters

Don’t get caught out! miniBatt Power can start all types of vehicles. Cars, boats, motorbikes, snowmobiles… Even a truck!

Multifunction charger

Charge the battery of any electronic device (smartphone, tablet, camera, laptop…) with a record-breaking power and versatility.

Small size

It is the smallest portable battery starter on the market, approximately the same size as a mobile. Always keep it on you and don’t get caught out!

STW- 10.000 mAh

Battery starters + Wireless charger + Multifunction charger + LED flashlight

The new miniBatt STW is the first jump starter that includes Qi wireless charging for smartphones.

POCKET VR - 4.000 mAh

Battery starters + Multifunction charger + LED flashlight

The redesign of the smallest mini multifunction battery starter on the market presents new chassis, new ON / OFF button, battery status indicator, 3-in-1 cables
and smart starter pliers!

PRO VR - 20.000 mAh

Battery starter + Multifunction charger + LED flashlight

miniBatt PRO VR, the most powerful mini battery starter on the market, has recently been awarded the Best of Ariadna as “Best Accessory of the Year“.

MONSTER - 35.000 mAh

Special for trucks, boats, planes ...

The new MONSTER 24V miniBatt is a real monster of
the power. It has 35,000 mAh and is capable of starting motors with a 24V battery, in addition to 12V motors.