Leave your phone on the table, we’ll charge it - miniBatt
30Nov, 2017

Leave your phone on the table, we’ll charge it

Place your mobile phone next to a cup of coffee and watch it charge, this is possible with miniBatt.How many times have you arrived at a restaurant and desperately looked for a socket to plug in your phone or tablet? Are you one of those that always keeps your eye on your phone when charging it in public in case it disappears? With miniBatt, those problems are over.

This company, specialized in wireless charging, presents new chargers for furniture with a high technical, usability and design level. The miniBatt Fi80 is designed to be installed in furniture, either visible or invisible, thus granting the furniture itself the role of a charger. Just by leaving their smartphone or tablet on the wireless point of the furniture, the user can charge their device without the need for cables or plugs.

As well as the advantage for the user, the owner of the establishment won’t have to worry about maintaining the wireless charger as it is completely waterproof, thus ensuring maximum durability of the product. miniBatt Fi80 can be placed visibly with basic tools, perforating the surface of the furniture or using an already existing hole for cables on a desk. The installation only requires a hole with a diameter of 80 mm that is hidden with an enhancing cover included by the product itself.

It can also be installed visibly in new furniture, with installation directly in the factory, or in any type of existing furniture. The difference is that the charging point is only identified by a small adhesive.

Thanks to this wireless charger, you can enjoy a meal or dinner with friends without worrying about running out of battery or without having to make sure that your device is still connected to the wall.

To enjoy this advantage, miniBatt has created a free app, the miniBatt app, so that establishments with this service can sign up and users can geolocate them to choose the nearest restaurant with wireless charging services.

miniBatt Fi80 is already being sold and used in a variety of public spaces such as hotels, airports, waiting rooms, bars, restaurants and libraries, among others. It can also be placed in private spaces such as bedrooms, offices, living rooms, etc.