List of telephones with Qi technology - miniBatt
30Nov, 2017

List of over 100 smartphones with Qi technology

miniBatt, specialized company in wireless charging solutions has created a list of mobile phones that currently include Qi technology, the transmission standard that the various manufacturers use in order to include wireless charging in their telephones.

List of telephones with Qi technology

The list includes over 100 devices, among which we can highlight the new Samsung S7, S6, Note VII… All of the devices can be charged without the need to connect a cable, just like magic. Simply by leaving the telephone on the charging surface, it starts to charge!

If your device is an Apple, this manufacturer does not yet include this technology in its devices, miniBatt avails of the miniBatt PowerCase, which is specific for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 7 and 7 Plus, with “Made for Apple” certification, allowing your iPhone to become a wireless telephone.

Also, for all other devices that are not on the list, including tablets, cameras… or any device with micro USB or Lighting input (Apple), miniBatt avails of the miniBatt PowerRING, a universal receiver to charge your electronic devices on a miniBatt wireless charger WITHOUT CABLES!

To consult the smartphones compatible with Qi technology, click here.