miniBatt arrives at the International Nautical Show in Barcelona - MiniBatt

miniBatt arrives at the International Nautical Show in Barcelona

Starters and wireless charging share a space of innovation and technology

KPsport, a distribution company for premium brand items in the sectors of leisure, sport and technology will be present again at the International Nautical Show in Barcelona from October 11th to 15th in Port Vell (stand No. F665). KPsport will occupy a large space dedicated to novelties in cutting-edge gadgets by different brands. miniBatt will have a premium presence and will present the essentials for maintaining comfort at sea and on dry land.

miniBatt POWER BANK. 

Always plain sailing with battery.


The star product is the miniBatt STR, starter, Power Bank and torch.It is compact, portable and thanks to its 12,000 mAh power, it is  capable of easily starting 12V batteries for diesel and petrol engines up to 4,000 cc. (cars, motorbikes, boats, jet skis…).

The Power Bank range by miniBatt avails of all types of solutions that adapt to any circumstance where the vehicle or smartphone battery is low.


The latest in Qi technology.


miniBatt WIRELESS  brings us closer to the immediate future of wireless charging. There is a wide variety of models to charge phones without the need for cables, from those that adapt to any piece of furniture, such as the miniBatt Fi80, to portable chargers such as the Power GOO. The new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X Apple models or any Samsung device already include wireless charging.

At the KPsport stand you can see the operation of wireless charging in person and be the first to have a wireless charger.