Nil Solans wins his second title in the GSeries 2016 - miniBatt
30Nov, 2017

Nil Solans wins his second title in the GSeries 2016

The GSeries 2016 have concluded with the third double race of the season and an outcome that was not defined until the very end, with the second consecutive title being awarded to the miniBatt driver, Nil Solans, who has started his 2016 campaign in this triumphant way. This is the first triumph in the higher 4RM category of the GSeries for the Totcar Sport structure, with three victories in 2RM, thus adding its name to the teams that, through their efforts, have been able to prevail in this competitive specialty.

Nil Solans

The milder temperatures that were recorded during the previous day and the entire morning of the G5 made the track very soft, which meant that the driving difficulty was different to the usual conditions, a characteristic that defines the GSeries. As well as the presence of Marc Gutiérrez in Manel Guiral’s Peugeot, we also witnessed the G5 debut of Ingrid Rossel in Gerard de la Casa’s Mini which, together with the presence of the senior management of Dorna, the debut of the GP2 driver Sergi Canamasas and the fact that it was the final weekend of the GSeries 2016, created a day filled with great sporting interests.

G5:All for Nil Solans

After some training sessions where Alex Arroyo (Citroën) and Sergi Canamasas (Ford) surprised with the best times, the favorites pulled out all the stops in the Series. In Series 1, Nil Solans (Peugeot) and Carlos Ezpeleta (Ford) achieved the two accumulated best, with a speedy Pepe López (Peugeot) in third and Fernando Monje (Mitsubishi) and Jan Solans (Peugeot) further behind. This Series 1 is very important because, as well as the ranking points, the best lap achieved by each driver configures the positioning for the finals, therefore Jan Solans and Carlos Ezpeleta will be in the first row of Final B, while Nil Solans and Pepe López will lead Final A. Series 2 was fearlessly dominated by Nil and Jan Solans, with Pepe López coming in third and Ezpeleta tenth, putting even more pressure on the provisional ranking in the championship.

Final B witnessed the flying start by the GP2 driver Sergi Canamasas, surprising the favorites and masterfully leading the set until the end. Carlos Ezpeleta, who was following him, withdrew after a few turns due to a transmission fault, with the other two podium positions being occupied by Jan Solans and Ferran Monje, although the youngest of the Solans was penalized by three positions for starting too soon. In Final A, Nil Solans didn’t leave any options and was the clear winner, followed by Pepe López and Marc Gutiérrez, precisely the first three classified in the G5, with withdrawals from De La Casa and Alex Arroyo.

G6:First place for Pepe López and Championship for Nil Solans

With the ground showing signs of asphalt on some curves, the G6 began with the domination by Pepe López (Peugeot) in Series 1. Nil Solans and Ezpeleta followed him but neither were able to gain points in the provisional, given that the discount factor was already applicable to this race, and therefore the championship stayed the same in advance of Series 2. In this set, Pepe López again dominated, demonstrating his competitiveness on ice. José Roger (Citroën) came second and Marc Gutiérrez (Peugeot) came third.

The finals were possibly the most important ones in the season, given that the Champion would be chosen after completing them. Final B was for Jan Solans, with Carlos Ezpeleta in second place but with very low visibility after driving almost the entire set with the hood bent over the windscreen. Fernando Monje came in third place. In Final A, Nil Solans didn’t give his rivals a chance and beat Pepe López, in a show of magnificent racing, and Marc Gutiérrez. Triumph of the young rally driver from Madrid, Pepe López, in the G6, ahead of the Champion Nil Solans and Carlos Ezpeleta, the runner-up.
Final ranking GSeries 2016

1-Nil Solans (Peugeot/Totcar Sport), 213 points

2-Carlos Ezpeleta (Ford/MotoGP Team), 197 points

3-Jan Solans (Peugeot/Totcar Sport), 174 points

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