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Qi receivers

PowerCase for iPhone 6 (MB-IP6)PowerCase for iPhone 6+ (MB-IP6+)PowerCase for iPhone 7 (MB-IP7)PowerCase for iPhone 7+ (MB-IP7+)Receiving card Qi Wireless Lightning Apple (MB-CARD-LIGHT S)Receiving card Qi Wireless Lightning USB (MB-CARD-USB S)

Wireless car chargers

PowerDRIVE. Wireless charger Qi for car (MB-PWDRIVE)PhoneBOX. Wireless charger Qi for car (MB-PHBOX)

Wireless furniture chargers

Fi60. Invisible wireless charger (MB-FI60)Fi80. Visible wireless charger (MB-FI80)Fs80. Wireless charger for furniture - fast charge (MB-FS80)

Desktop wireless chargers

Pack M1 + Powercase for iPhone 6 (MB-M1-6)Pack M1 + Powercase for iPhone 6+ (MB-M1-6+)Pack M1 + Powercase for iPhone 7 (MB-M1-7)Pack M1 + Powercase for iPhone 7+ (MB-M1-7+)M2 Wireless charger QI (MB-M2)PowerGOO. Wireless charger power bank Qi (MB-PGOO)StandUP. Wireless charger Qi (MB-STUP)iCharger. Wireless charger QI (MB-ICHAR)PowerPAD. Wireless pad BLACK (MB-PAD)PowerPAD. Wireless pad BROWN (MB-PADBW)PowerCUP. Pencil pot with Wireless charger Qi integrated (MB-PWCUP)UltraSLIM. Ultra slim wireless charger Fast Charge (MB-USLIM-B)PowerAIR. Wireless charger Qi two devices (MB-PWAIRW)

If you have more than one serial number, please seforte them by commas.

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