Strategic agreement with Roomdimensions Ibérica - miniBatt
30Nov, 2017

Strategic agreement with Roomdimensions Ibérica

Roomdimensions Ibérica and the wireless technology company miniBatt reach a strategic cooperation agreement, consisting of the integration of the Fi80 series charging devices in all console models for the KOMPAS and CRAE range.
The objective for RDI is based on reinforcing the technological nature of the various ranges of consoles, increasing the provisions and added value of the product through innovative solutions that allow the user to enjoy a more connected, autonomous and wireless working environment.

The miniBatt Fi80 charging solution is based on induction technology and will be integrated in an invisible manner within the thickness of the working surface, which will be embossed with a charging icon so that the user can identify the exact location. The charging element will be supplied with a USB cable and a transformer, which will connect to the connectivity system integrated to the control consoles.

Roomdimensions Ibérica is a company that develops technical and ergonomic solutions for control centers and 24×7 operations environments, focusing its activity on the manufacture of technical furniture and key-in-hand projects in strategic sectors such as Rail, Utilities, Defense, Ports, Traffic, etc.

miniBatt is a technology company based in Barcelona, with the objective of being the leader and reference in wireless charging on a global scale. It has an extensive portfolio of solutions focused on this purpose, which adapt to the entirety of mobile devices on the market, whether directly or through accessories that make the phone compatible in the case that they do not avail of this charging technology.