16Apr, 2020


Starting the car with a portable battery jump starter is easy, if you know how. It can be done without the presence of a mechanic, just by knowing how to place the calipers, you can bring your car back to life to take it to change the battery or, if the discharge has been due to disuse, restore its functionality.

It is possible that you have spent some time without using your car for various reasons. Maybe you have been walking to work or on public transport and your car has not moved. In families where more than one car is available, some of them may be used sporadically and may even not be used for weeks or months.

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Starting the car without external help

In the past, it was essential to place one car in front of another to start a vehicle with a dead or bad battery. Many clamps do not have a cable that is too long, so it will be easier to hook them to the terminal without separating them because the cable is too tight. Portable starters also allow starting any vehicle, even if it is located in a place that is not very accessible to the crane of our insurance company, such as a community car park.

The positive and negative terminals are easy to locate on the battery: they have a “+” or “-” on their surface. So in this regard, have no doubts. Although you can always check the car manual to make sure.

In the event that your car has the start-stop battery, starting it with tweezers has an almost identical process, but precautions must be taken. This type of batteries have a terminal that incorporates a small electronic control unit that supplies information to the vehicle. Thus, the car knows at all times the health of the battery.

Hence, there is an auxiliary terminal connected to the battery, very easy to locate (it is recommended to consult the vehicle manual). And it is designed precisely so that you can connect clamps without risk of damaging the control unit due to excess voltage.


Where to buy a miniBatt starter during the alarm state?

Our starters are easy to find in any specialized store. As at the moment it is not possible to leave the house or go to a physical store, they can be purchased as always, from our online store.


What miniBatt jump starter to buy?

The range of miniBatt portable starters is extensive. Its range includes starters of different powers and features, which also allow charging a multitude of devices such as our smartphones:


POCKET VR 4.000 mAh

The miniBatt POCKET VR has the size of a smartphone and, thanks to its new 4,000 mAh battery (GRADE A), it can start petrol engines up to 2,500 cc. (Motorbikes, cars, jet skis, quads…).

It has a 12V output to connect the jump leads and USB 5V/2.4A to charge all types of mobile phones and multiple electronic devices, and includes a 3-in-1 USB cable. It also has an integrated LED torch with three functionalities, light, flash and SOS.

miniBatt POCKET VR

STW 10.000 mAh

The new miniBatt STW is the first jump starter that includes Qi wireless charging for smartphones.

It features a new design in silver color, with rubberized texture casing. It is compact, portable and features 10,000 mAh of power that can easily jump start 12V batteries on diesel and petrol engines up to 3,000 cc (cars, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, etc.).

miniBatt STW

STR 12.000 mAh

The new miniBatt STR has an elegant design in a black color, and the chassis is finished with a rubber texture. It is compact, portable and thanks to its 12,000 mAh power, it is capable of easily starting 12V batteries for diesel and petrol engines up to 4,000 cc. (cars, motorbikes, boats, jet skis…).

miniBatt STR

PRO VR 20.000 mAh

The miniBatt PRO VR presents a new design and incorporates a new 20,000 mAh GRADE A battery and the latest intelligent jump leads with integrated DIGITAL TESTER system in order to learn the battery status, and of the mini starter, but above all, in order to avoid possible short-circuits due to poor use.

It has 20,000 mAh power and is capable of easily starting diesel and petrol engines up to 8,000 cc and charging all types of devices, including portable fridges, cameras, PSP…

miniBatt PROVR

MONSTER 35.000 mAh

The miniBatt Monster 35000 mAh is a starter for professional use, particularly for starting large vehicles such as trucks, ships, planes, agricultural vehicles… Both petrol and diesel.

In addition to the 24V output for the jump leads, the new miniBatt MONSTER includes 2 DUAL USB 5V/4A outputs and another with 12V/12A for charging ALL types of electronic devices.


Once the vehicle has started, what should I do?

Go a few miles with him whenever possible. Although you should check that the car shows no more problems to start once you have done this.

The process to remove the clamps is simple: follow the reverse order of the one you used to connect them. That is, if you connected the negative terminals first, in this case first remove the clamps from the positive ones.


How long does a car battery last?

The average life of a car battery is approximately 5 years. Although it will depend on other factors: the type of battery, the age of the vehicle, the use you give to your car, driving habits and, of course, the maintenance and care you make of this element.


How long does the crane take to arrive?

A reason to take into account so, today, it is essential to have a starter among the mandatory accessories in our vehicle. On average, the assistance crane comes to the site in approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour and they usually have to travel distances of 29.5km per service.


We offer you 9 tricks for maintaining a car without use for a long period of time


1 Start it at least 1 time every 10 days

So that the engine and other mechanical elements do not lose their dynamics, it is convenient, even if you are not going to drive the car, to start it at least once every 10 days. Components of an engine stopped for a longer time can cause it to turn on again to offer a certain “hardness” when reacting.

In addition, brake fluids and oil run the risk of weighing down, making it more difficult to pass through the engine times. It is known that even gasoline can rot if it does not move for a long time within the circuits of the car. In this sense it is also recommended as far as possible to take a ride with the car. In addition to starting the engine, moving the structure of the vehicle is something that will come in handy to the other elements of the car that take care of the driving part such as axles, wheels, etc. On the other hand, in this way the weight of the car will not always fall on the same point of support.


2 Leave the tank full

A car that is not going to move should have a full fuel tank. This is due to the fact that in a tank there will be less evaporation of gasoline the fuller it is, since less space will be created for this phenomenon to occur. That is, the less empty chamber there is, the less space there is for evaporating. On the other hand, the price of fuels is something that usually rises easily. So it is better to have a full tank, because a few months later it will surely be more expensive.


3 Disconnect the battery

If someone asks the question: Can an unused car break down? We already know that the answer is yes. an unused car can break down. The first thing that is going to spoil in a stationary car is the battery. The previous advice that the starter should be switched on every 10 days can help to extend the life of our battery as much as possible. However a battery connected to an idle car can mean the total consumption of the battery even if the car engine is never started. So, if you want to use your car again, you can find that it does not start. Do you want to know how to get better maintenance of your car battery?


4 Increase tire pressure

Always within the limits of logic, it is advised that the tires can inflate more than normal if the car is going to be stationary for a long time. This is done so that under normal pressure and prolonged inactivity the tire does not empty, leaving the wheel on the ground, which can cause damage to the rim of our car and deformations throughout the wheel.

We can also place wooden boards between the tires and the ground, as they will offer less resistance than direct asphalt. Follow this helpful trick if you don’t want to have to put on new tires when you use your car again.


5 Internal car maintenance

With the engine started, it is recommended at least every 2 weeks to turn on the air conditioning (something that can easily break down in an unused car) to avoid clogging the ducts, raising and lowering the window regulators, checking the electrical controls of the car as rear-view mirrors. mobiles and latches, etc. It is about supplying movement through all the systems so that they are not damaged by disuse. And since it is inside the cabin, open the windows and even the doors for a while to ventilate the interior of the car without use.


6 Cover the car with a tarp

If you plan to leave your car unused for a while, it is recommended to cover the car with a tarp. In this way we will not be taking care of the mechanical part, but at least the exterior will be protected against the elements such as rain, snow and stains of any kind.


7 Give her a coat of wax

If you are one of those who pamper your car (as we do in MiniBatt) a good idea may also be to give a coat of wax to your vehicle if it is going to be unused for a while. This will keep the paint better. This wax trick can be combined with the previous one on the canvas.


8 It has an “colleague”

If you’re going to be away, it’s good to have a trusted friend or family member to hand over your car keys to. Tell your “colleague” to leave the engine running for about 5 minutes and to perform the actions of moving windows, air conditioning and latches (that is, if you have not disconnected the battery, of course). This person can also take a ride with the car, always remembering that a driver under the age of 25 or someone with less than 2 years of license must always be declared in their car insurance policy.


9 You need a insurance

Of course, remember that a car can not be moved if it does not have insurance, not even through the garage (imagine that, unluckily, it brushes another of the vehicles that is parked in it: it has the obligation to cover the expenses). Any problems you have can multiply if you are not covered with at least a basic third party. Furthermore, cars must be insured even if they are not used. Rest assured, though: Now it’s easy to find good insurance at a good price for your unused car.


These are the tips that we offer you to better preserve your car if it is going to be unused for a season.