Wireless Chargers - MINIBATT

Why Wireless Charging?


Say good-bye to the tangles of wires and the misplaced porters. miniBatt Wireless allows wireless charging for any 5V or 9V device


¡Simply place the device on a loading platform and let the magic happen!


Our chargers are compatible with all Qi devices. We
offer different Wireless Qi receivers, Apple
certified cases and a universal smartphone receiver.


Ultrafine wireless charger with suction system

Is a practical FAST CHARGE wireless charger with an elegant design and only 6,7 mm thick. It features an innovative micro suction nano system which attaches to your phone like a suction pad.

XSlim Battery

Ultrafine external battery with wireless charging and suction system

is a practical external battery with a FAST CHARGE wireless charging system. With a slim and elegant design incorporating an innovative micro suction nano system.


Multi wireless charge
Fast charge 10W

The multi charger miniBatt FR80 is the last wireless charger, which integrates a power output, 2 USB connections and 1 Type C connection, apart from the fast charge at 10W with Qi certification.

Fr80 cargador inalámbrico


Wireless charge up to 35 mm away

Is  the  first  Wireless  charger  to  be  installed  under  any  organic  surface  (Wood,  glass, ceramic…)  and  wireless  charge  at  a  distance up to 35 mm.


Wireless charger
Qi expandable to 3 devices

First expandable fast charge wireless charger for charging up to three devices.


Backlit qi charger
with Qi wireless charging

QI wireless charger that incorporates a backlit light system in the lower area of the phone, fast charge.


Elegance and charge

Manufactured with 3 induction coils of high quality, it has an elegant design, a comfortable viewing angle and a smooth non-slip surface to improve its stability.


Qi wireless charger for car

Wireless charger with two induction coils
and 10W fast charge charging system.


Qi wireless charger for your car

Perfect wireless charger to use in the car.
With anti-slip surface that prevents movements
and 3 induction coils.


Wirless charger Qi ultra thin - FAST CHARGE

miniBatt UltraSLIM is the Qi wireless charger
faster thin-load market, with a thickness of only 3.4 mm.


Pencil holder with Qi Wireless charger

Pencil holder with a wireless charger integrated that provides fast charge.


Double Qi wireless charger - FAST CHARGE

Wireless charger to charge two devices simultaneously, 10W Fast Charge and four induction crowns.


Wireless charger Qi - FAST CHARGE

iCharger is a practical wireless charger with a coil
of induction of maximum benefits and system of load
Fast Charge.



Forget about badly ordered cables and enjoy wireless charging in the simplest way with the new miniBatt M2 wireless charger with an induction coil.


Qi Fast Charge Threaded Furniture Wireless Charger

Elegant wireless charger to install in all kinds of
furniture with a maximum induction coil
features and charging system FAST CHARGE compatible with
All devices with Qi wireless charging system.

Fi60 / Fi80

VISIBLE and INVISIBLE wireless charger

Wireless battery charger for furniture that
can be installed in a visible or INVISIBLE way, in any piece of furniture
or surface for 5V devices (smartphones).


Allows your Smartphone without Qi wireless charger technology the chance to be charged. PowerCase and Wireless Card.

Wireless Card