Wireless charging, how does it work?
30Nov, 2017

Wireless charging, how does it work?

Wireless in the new Apple devices

The new iPhone 8/8 Plus/X incorporate the Qi wireless technology..miniBatt permits charging them without having to plug them into the wall or a USB port.

The wireless devices by miniBatt, also known as wireless chargers and receivers, have an induction reel that generates a magnetic field of intensity. These allow you to charge all types of electronic devices, with a limited scope, without having to plug them into the wall or a USB port.

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How does wireless charging work?

The mobile devices that we charge must also have the same Qi technology includedSo that when we approach the magnetic field it induces a current that charges the phone’s internal battery. Simply place the device on a charging platform and watch the magic happen!

Although you might think that wireless charging is less practical than a cable, this has changed with reels that are manufactured with lighter and thinner materials and the use of high frequencies for the transmission of energy which have made it possible for this to be a practical solution for small consumer items such as the mobile phone. In Spain, there are many establishments that have already integrated the Wireless chargers. Any user can leave their iPhone 8 on the table while having their lunch or a coffee and watch it charge in the meantime.

Below, you will find a list of mobiles that are compatible with the Qi technology by miniBatt, click here.

If you wish, you can consult the list of establishments with the wireless charging system by miniBatt, click here.