Your mobile always charged - miniBatt
30Nov, 2017

Your mobile always charged

The founder of miniBatt says that a mobile phone that runs out of battery at midday generates “anguish” and, therefore, miniBatt aims to offer solutions for this problem.“Not to be afraid of not being able to answer a telephone call or an e-mail”, he adds. 

miniBatt offers wireless devices to charge mobiles

The company wants the wireless battery to become as extended as Wi-Fi connections.

Wireless battery. Charging the phone “through induction”, with the same technique as used for cooking. Just like that.This is the focus of miniBatt, a Catalan company that allows its users to charge their mobile phone wirelessly.

“Nowadays, everything tends to be electronic and we all have our own mobile device. Our objective is to remove the anxiety that people feel when they run out of battery. The fear of not being able to receive a call or not send the last e-mail”, explains Jordi Gilberga, founder of miniBatt. “We provide solutions to facilitate access to charging”, he comments.


“Wireless charging works through induction. In the device offered by miniBatt, there is a reel that emits an electrical current, while in the mobiles there is another reel that acts as a receiver and receives the charge. It is transmitted without wires”, Gilberga describes.

However, the founder of miniBatt adds that “not all mobiles have this reel, as it is a very recent technology”.“But, little by little, this element is being included in almost all models”, he says.

For those that do not have this receiving reel, miniBatt has designed adaptors so that all mobiles can benefit from the technology. “There are various options, from mobile covers to external batteries”, Gilberga tells us.


However, the company is not just settling for induction charging and wants, also, for wireless charging to extend to cities in the way the use of Wi-Fi has already done.

For this reason miniBatt is aimed towards two types of customers: users that want to include these devices in their homes, and establishments such as restaurants, waiting rooms, hairdressers, libraries or airports.

“The added value that used to be implied by having a Wi-Fi connection in your establishment no longer exists. Now, it is our service that adds quality”, Gilberga adds. With this approach, the company has approximately 50 establishments in Barcelona and hopes to continue expanding its catalog of places offered to charge your mobile phone.

With this second line of business, miniBatt aims to launch a mobile app in order to geolocate the places that offer the services by the company. “You can walk down the street and see which nearby establishments can charge your mobile when you are out of battery”, the founder describes.


Created in the year 2014 and with an invoicing of 1.4 million euro in 2015, this year it was present at the fourth edition of the 4YFN, an initiative promoted by the Mobile World Congress. This company focused on this scenario in order to publicize its product in a practical manner. In this way, the company had four charging stations that allowed attendees at the event to charge their mobiles and tablets.